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How Athletes Are Hustling During the Pandemic

  • January 6,2021 

From professional games to high school team practices, the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has restricted sports worldwide, driving athletes to find alternative methods in order to stay in good shape. Gahr’s student athletes have also been working hard during the pandemic, and while they certainly miss being with their teams, many have developed a stronger sense of discipline and dedication from training at home.

Conditioning practices for Fall sport athletes officially began the week of November 4th. However, after a few months, they were canceled due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, as announced by Assistant Principal Ms. Simko on Tuesday, December 8th.

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Photo Created on Canva: Nijad Makoon

Whether it meant doing online at-home workouts, lifting weights, or running around their neighborhood complex, athletes have found their ways to stay physically active in quarantine. However, working hard when no one else is watching requires self-motivation. Many athletes who have committed to creating and following their own workout plans have found greater discipline than before.

“I believe that this pandemic has made me a stronger person for the fact that no one tells you when you have to run,” said cross country athlete, Jonathan Zuniga (10). “You have to choose whether you want to do the workout and at what time.”

For others, the pandemic has allowed them to think and learn more about themselves as players, while strengthening their minds. A strong and robust mentality is essential in any sport, especially in high-pressure situations where mistakes are the most frustrating for an athlete.

“This pandemic has completely affected my performance as a volleyball player. The pandemic taught me how to really push through when I don’t feel like it and motivate myself for the betterment of myself…” said varsity volleyball athlete, Kiara Davis (11). “This pandemic also helped me realize that I just need to slow down and reflect…  I’m really starting to realize that mistakes are going to make you better.”

Though some athletes have constructed their own training schedules, coaches have also been working to support their athletes by putting together workout plans, and posting online training videos. With the new COVID vaccines that have recently been approved by the FDA, there is a possibility that the sports season for fall athletes may still be able to take place in 2021. While Gahr coaches are now starting to encourage more athletes to work out in their own time, other schools in our district are also training hard for the possibility that a season may occur this year.

Things may never be the same after the pandemic, but let us continue to work hard through these challenging times so that when we come out of quarantine as changed individuals, such a change would be for the better.

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