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RECAP: Class of 2026's Sophomore Year

  • Feb 17, 2024

Another year, another RECAP! Responses from 20 student interviews show that the Class of 2026 made many memories this year. This article shares their adventures, perspectives, and favorite memories thus far. 


“A Trip to the Northern Lights” Winter Formal, held in December 2023, was hosted by the sophomore class. Class of 2026’s Director of Activities, Jazlene Valencia, says, “With the prep of my peers and our creative thinking, we were able to put on a dance we all enjoyed!... Everything was carefully picked and crafted in order to satisfy the students attending.” Thanks to the sophomore class cabinet and all the attendees, the event was successful and an unforgettable event!


One of this year’s major highlights was spending time with friends at dances like Homecoming. Yazamin Baghchehsaraie shares, “I got to spend time with my friends, and the theme was good this year.” To add on, Lainey Canlas mentions, “All the sports were together, so I was surrounded by all my friends… It was really fun.” as she talks about her time during 6th period in the gym.  Amoha Arunkumar celebrates her experience by explaining how she was “... able to make new connections, learn from their experiences…”. At the end of the day, Sophomore year at Gahr is going well but sadly is coming to a close. 


Throughout the school year, Gahr High School has hosted sports tournaments, festive rallies, and more for Gladiators to enjoy. Sophomore Layla Ha explains her excitement as she attended the Gahr v. Cerritos Football Game, “It was actually a very fun experience that I never thought I’d like…I even caught up with a couple of some old friends.” She learned that trying new things and making the most of them isn’t so bad. It’s the first time in 4 years since ASB hosted a Winter Gym Rally. Baron Luo shares, “I feel like it brought the whole school together.” as he explains his favorite memory. Arleen Cardenas connects to Luo’s words as she states, “I found that I was really able to connect and have fun with the people of my class.” Overall, these events hosted by Gahr High School positively impacted sophomore experiences. 


Compared to freshman year, sophomores were exposed to more classes of different types. Class of 2026’s President Jacob Gutierrez shares his experience choosing his science class, “The difference between the two subjects (biology and chemistry) was something I had not anticipated. Reflecting on my choices when selecting as a freshman, I definitely assumed that chemistry would follow a similar format to biology.” Although sophomores had their worries at the beginning of the year, they took it one day at a time with the support of friends, family, and teachers.


Sophomore year is definitely one for the books, so make sure to enjoy the rest of the year and have a great summer!

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