Is Prom Going to Happen This Year? 

  • January 27, 2021

Considered one of the most anticipated events in high school, this year's prom will be different than the others. Although there have been plenty of dances and rallies before, now there are covid restrictions that limit the number of people and venues available. The following is an interview conducted with Gahr’s ASB President Mary Sabarre and Vice President Kristina Villegas on what students can expect for prom this year. 


Isabelle Monterroso (Interviewer): "Hello Kristina, Hello Mary, to begin with, thank you for being here. So first, what is the process of you coming up with ideas for prom and then getting them carried out? Like how does it work in ASB? Do you have to get these ideas approved?" Mary Sabarre: "Ah- Kristina you can go." Kristina Villegas: "I'll start off, so prom is solely for the class cabinet. Mary and I along with our cabinet have been talking about the pros and cons of prom. So far, unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros. But we are still moving on and meeting up with different companies and asking what other schools in the district are doing." Isabelle Monterroso: "How has this change of environment affected your planning with other members and creativity to plan out the event?" Mary Sabarre: "Um, for member-wise it’s just like planning it, is more difficult to get in touch with our members because our class cabinet hold open meetings, which is open for everyone in our class, and we have closed meeting soley for cabinet officers, but sometimes it's difficult because not all of our office can make it sometimes so were not able to connect with all of our officers. I'm sorry what was the other question?" Isabelle Monterroso: "No, it was just that one question or how has it affected your creativity to plan out the event?" Mary Sabarre: "...I don't think it has really affected us either in person or not. We still try our best, but yeah, we're just trying our best right now in these given circumstances." Isabelle Monterroso: "That's understandable, What have you done so far in preparing for prom? I know it's early right now but what are your guys' ideas and layout of it?" Kristina Villegas: "Okay so, we have two ideas for prom, it's either doing a prom court, that's based on doing it through google classroom where students can just vote through google forms, and the actual event will just be a pre recorded video. Another idea is to have a virtual prom, which was similar to what the seniors used last year. At the moment, we are looking into a company called “Level Up” for prom. They offer a lot of games and stuff like that but our biggest issue at the moment is our budget because obviously because of the pandemic we haven't been able to fundraise a lot, so the process of doing everything right now is just really slow, but we just met with several event coordinators last few weeks." Isabelle Monterroso: "Well that's good to hear, and I’m sorry to hear that, yeah fundraising has been tough and I think all around for everyone, and so good luck! What are some obstacles that you have had to overcome? What are some obstacles that you have had to overcome in planning prom compared to this and last year?" Mary Sabarre: "Some obstacles were, just like what I said earlier to get everyone together, like as much as we can as much as possible, but the thing is since it is online everyone has their different circumstances so just like communication that is very difficult. Also, usually with prom if we were to have it in person we would have event planners come to us. Personally, face to face interactions are a lot easier than online interactions, so usually when it is a prom in person, there would be a different representative, and different event companies come to us, and from there we can have an in-depth conversation, and we will ask the questions we want, but since it is online it can be off-putting, and people are not as comfortable asking questions." Isabelle Monterroso: "That's interesting, I didn't know the representatives had to come to you guys, or in that manner so that was interesting to hear. What has been stressful so far to try and find any alternatives with planning prom?" Kristina Villegas: "I think the most stressful thing is just the thought of whether seniors want a prom or not. I think I mentioned earlier that the other schools in the district have not been doing any virtual events and so we are still on the borderline on whether or not we are going to plan a whole virtual prom with a company or do it on our own, like a pre-recorded video." Isabelle Monterroso: "That's- so, the other schools aren't doing proms?" Kristina Villegas: "*Shakes head* Yeah, they are doing no virtual events." Isabelle Monterroso: "So you guys have been working hard for the rallies and the other things alone, good job it's difficult especially during these times. Most importantly, how are you guys going to ensure that everyone follows COVID restrictions when planning out these events?" Mary Sabarre: "Um.. for COVID restrictions we are trying to have everything online based so there is no human- no, human contact, and so earlier in the year I reached out to a few companies regarding prom and what they were offering, and a lot of them were companies that offered drive-in events and we did think about that as a possibility, but overtime, obviously COVID got worse so we knew we had to scratch that off the list and it was no longer a possibility. So, we are just trying to make everything online based and as contact-less as possible." Isabelle Monterroso: "Is there anything that you guys miss from the previous years of planning prom that you wished you could have experienced this year?" Kristina Villegas: "So personally, the thing that I missed the most was looking at different venues and places, because our cabinet and I, usually after school would drive to different venues around southern California and see which one would work out for us. And I just really miss that feeling of choosing a venue that would be fit for Gahr." Isabelle Monterroso: "How about you Mary?" Mary Sabarre: "I was going to say the same thing too- not only were we looking for venues but it's also like a good bonding experience because we would all be in a car together and we would drive to different venues and we would just look around and it would be really fun. And afterward, we would eat out actually, and so it's just a really great cabinet bonding experience for us and it is also important because we were choosing prom venues."
Isabelle Monterroso: "Well, thank you for participating in this interview, that concludes it. I'm hoping I can interview you guys after prom or around that time so we can reflect on these questions and you guys can give me your inputs. So thank you so much for participating once again."

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