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Is Senior Spirit Dead? 

  • February 17,2021 

The transition to online learning has brought many changes to the way Gahr High School operates. Classes are now through Google Meets and Zoom and dances and rallies are videos to be watched when there’s time. Has school spirit, especially from our seniors, gone down because of this? Let’s hear from some of Gahr’s students.


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ASB’s Commissioner of Spirit Bella Reveles says, “I believe that [due to COVID-19] the average amount of spirit points this year has gone down significantly… because it doesn’t have as much of an appeal as it would at school. I think that students feel that dressing up and showing spirit just in their home is pointless… ” Senior Jenna Vandeventer is one of those students who just don't see the appeal of virtual spirit days and rallies. Jenna says, “My reasoning for having less school spirit this year is because I haven’t gotten to do senior traditions that previous classes got to do before me… If school was in person, I would definitely have way more school spirit. Me and my friends would’ve gone crazy with dress-up days and rallies. Virtual spirit days and rallies online just aren’t something I can personally enjoy… I just don’t have the motivation to do it myself.” 

While the virtual spirit days that have been done this school year are cool, they are just not the same. Students have gone from getting all dressed up in varyingly themed outfits to go to school and show off their school spirit with friends, to barely waking up in time to open their computers for class.


Kylie Joe, a senior at Cerritos Highschool addresses the general discontent and lack of motivation among students through a letter to the district. 

Similar to Jenna, Senior Class Vice President Raine Zulueta says, “Given the current global situation(s), I have held my expectations quite low for all things contained within the school's sphere of influence. I would not say that I expected more from my fellow seniors, nor would I say I expected less, however, I will say that I completely understand and sympathize with the seniors who may not be as spirited this year.” With the drastic difference in how spirit days are held and the absence of normal spirit rallies, it would not be hard to believe that seniors, who usually have the most school spirit, may be lacking. Additionally, without the in-person aspect of school, it’s hard to remain positive and enthusiastic over what online school has to offer. 

Compared to the class of 2020, who had a majority of their senior year, the class of 2021 will most likely be spending it all online. Instead of shouting “SENIORS” from the bleachers in the gym, our seniors are stuck behind their computers for 6+ hours a day. With that, it’s not hard to imagine why our seniors may be lacking school spirit.

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