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Kindness Week Challenge: Spread Kindness, Not Hate

  • January 21, 2021


On Monday, January 25, one week was given to create and undergo as many acts of kindness as possible. Schools are taking the kindness pledge, using a checklist of a variety of kindness acts to implement in and around the school. 

From using social media platforms to decorating your zoom background, each school celebrates kindness week differently. The Kindness week challenge started in the ABC school district at Elliott Elementary School with the help of the principal Mrs. Barron, who is working hard to promote kindness. She said, “I think the Great Kindness challenge is important because we all need a little reminder to add even more kindness into our lives and the community. Just by adding an extra amount of effort to be kind we will change our days to be a much more positive experience and also the lives of those we are kind to.” 

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Gahr High School is celebrating kindness week with two activities, the Kindness Box and the Chain Posts. With the Kindness Boxes, students will be able to send a kind message to a friend through a google form. These google forms will be obtained through the Homeroom google classrooms along with instructions.

 The second activity, with the help of Instagram, will be Chain Posts. Chain Posts kicked off in the beginning of quarantine when people would do a drawing, post their favorite song, or answer a few questions and tag three friends to participate. The three friends they tagged would then do their version of the challenge, spreading the fun activity all over. The Kindness week Chain Posts will have a different category everyday, where students will make picture collages showing their appreciation towards one another. For example, on the 25th, students made a collage about their friends, demonstrating how much they appreciate them and tagged three friends to follow along.

The Gahr ASB worked hard to ensure Kindness Week was a fun activity that everyone could participate in. Raine Zulueta, the class of 2021 ASB Vice President explained, “In a world where it seems that negativity and bad news seem to prevail, events such as Kindness Week are great reminders to all of us that goodness still exists. Kindness Week reminds us to evaluate how we treat those around us, and it prompts us to recognize the sheer impact that we could have on not only our peers, but on our community as well. I hope that Kindness Week becomes a tradition for our campus, for all the obvious reasons, but mainly, and most importantly, to remind our student body that there are good people out there, and that the future would not be as bright without them.” 

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