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And…Action! A Closer Look Into Gahr’s Broadcasting Class

  • March 21, 2023


The student body all knows and loves the brief yet entertaining videos shown every other morning in homeroom from the channel known as 652 views. What you might not know is that 652 views is produced and created by the TV Broadcasting class on Gahr campus. Broadcasting is the final class in the film pathway, which begins with Introduction to Film, Intermediate Film, and finally TV Broadcasting. These classes are taught by Mr. Thiessen in room 652, which is where the title 652 views came from. The program 652 views is purely student-led and created, and every idea has a chance to be brought to life. So far, some episodes have included interviews, 

featured clubs, school performances, meet the staff videos, and reviews. 

This is Mr. Thiessen’s first year teaching film at Gahr High School, and his fourth year as a video instructer, previously teaching at Trabuco Hills High School. When Mr. Thiessen began here at Gahr, one of the school’s main priorities was having a consistent broadcast show to both entertain and inform the student body. This is achieved through the Broadcasting class, which Mr Thiessen describes is “designed to reflect an actual, professional media atmosphere.” Every student is a part of the video production crew and has a role, whether it be a production manager, editor, or cameraman. Deadlines are important, making sure that the show is done and ready to be aired every Tuesday and Thursday. “ I try to be as hands off as I possibly can,” Mr. Thiessen expresses, “The big part of that is giving students real world experience and getting to experience the pressures… if this is something they genuinely want to do in the future, they are comfortable with deadlines and feeling the responsibility of doing things themselves.”

From the production manager, Brendan Franklin, he describes some essential skills that are learned throughout the years of the broadcasting program. With strict deadlines, time management is a necessity, as well as shots and camera angles, which can help even outside of the classroom and improve one’s picture-taking skills. He also states that one of the most enjoyable parts of this class is having a lot of creative freedom and seeing a project come together. Ching Vong, a cameraman and the person responsible for creating the intro and outro of the videos, expresses that it is great to work with people who are also experienced in film. In addition, he conveys that he has learned how to properly construct a script, as well as edit his own videos to perfection. 

There are many different ways to spread information, and creating videos is one of them. The Broadcasting class teaches students to be diligent and responsible in a creative and enjoyable manner. What 652 views creates is truly unique and is a fun and interactive way to keep the student body updated on current events and happenings around campus. 


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