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Senior Spotlight: Kate Alcaino

  • May 26, 2021

Determination and teamwork are two of the most important things to Class of 2021’s Kate Alcaino. Kate is Gahr’s girls Varsity soccer center back and co-captain. She also has been playing soccer for just about her entire life through which she has learned countless important lessons.

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Some of the important lessons she has learned include “to not take anything said on the field personally. You might get told where to go or be corrected on your mistakes and it might come off wrong, but in all respect, no one means it the way it comes off. Just don’t take anything said to you to heart. Also, I have learned to control my emotions especially when I get mad. I have learned to try to stay positive and encouraging even when frustrated.” Alcaino added, “I wish we could have had a longer time period before games. That way we have a chance to try to get in shape and get to where we need to be for games. I wish we had a normal preseason and season schedule.”

Kate, who has been captain of the girls varsity soccer team for two  years, proudly wears 4 as her jersey number. She chose jersey number 4 for her number for several reasons. “I was number 4 since I started playing soccer at the age of 4. Also, my aunt was the number 4 when she played when she was younger for St. Joseph’s.” Kate and her aunt not only have a shared love for soccer, but also, Kate says “My Aunt Kim is my role model because she is strong and charismatic. She is also in the medical field and has shown me how to stay determined and encourages me to do what my heart desires.”

Natalia Rendon, a teammate and friend of Kate’s, only had positive words to describe Kate. “I met Kate my freshman year (last year) when I made varsity. She was super welcoming and very friendly and from then on she became one of my best friends.” Natalia added, “Some of the things that make Kate unique playing soccer is how she takes charge and is really helpful on the field. When I was playing defense for the first time in one game, she would guide me and gently tell me what to do when I’m in a certain situation, whereas others would get a bit annoyed or angry on the field when someone doesn’t follow what they say. Even if things don’t go our way she’ll still see the positives and let us know we tried our best and did a good job.”

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Another teammate and friend of Kate’s, Makayla Wade said, “Five words I’d use to describe Kate would be bubbly, kind, friendly, sister-like and strong. Kate has been a close confidant in my life and a sort of stable support-system during our soccer games. She keeps me in check, and I do the same for her. My favorite memory that she and I share is when she and I were in health class together. We would often geek out over Star Wars together and would help each other out. There was never a dull moment with Kate as my desk partner, which was thankfully most of the year. I believe Kate is different from other soccer players because she easily adapts [to changing circumstances]”


In the fall of 2021, Kate will be attending the University of Kentucky where she will major in pharmacy. But before then,“[I want to thank] my teammates especially, because they always make practice and games memorable. Especially my other center back Makayla, she always makes me laugh on the field and is my favorite person on the team. I’m definitely going to miss her when I leave this year.”

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