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Varsity Volleyball: Alexis Contreras 

  • February 21, 2024

Alexis Contreras began her freshman year playing volleyball. “My cousins started to become interested in volleyball, so I decided to try my luck and try out the sport myself.” Says Alexis. Since then, her motivation to play on the indoor team grew, eventually leading her to join Gahr High School’s beach volleyball team. 


Alexis and her team practice either at the school’s gym or Liberty Park located in Cerritos, CA. Goals are set as a team to be accomplished and daily warm-ups are conducted. After their goal is accomplished and the team warms up, the volleyball team goes for another round of practice in “passing” and “hitting.” The pass and hit help improve team plays, skills, and standards. Impressively, Alexis competed in a varsity tournament as a JV middle when she was just in her sophomore year. She was promoted to varsity volleyball with her amazing skills. Alexis heartwarmingly stated, “Even though I was happy I made it to varsity, I missed my JV team once I left.”


Continuing, the objective of volleyball is to score more points than the opposing team, where players serve, pass, and hit. It also serves another purpose: it helps an individual become independent, responsible, and mentally stronger. Alexis says, “People should play volleyball because Gahr’s volleyball team is a really fun environment filled with people who uplift you and always want to see you do your best.” Additionally, Alexis wished to become one of the national volleyball players with her formidable skills. After much thought, she sees herself playing volleyball as a hobby in her future college/university instead. Junior Alexis Contreras’s mindset towards volleyball and being a team player proves her dedication as a Varsity Athlete; consequently, being a role model for fellow Gladiator athletes.

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