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Spotlighting Class of 2021 Seniors

  • May 26,2021 

Seniors of the Class of 2021 have had an unforgettable senior year. From missing out on their senior activities to just trying to make the best of what they could, the hard work they put in is commendable. Here are three seniors who described their high school experience and some of their plans for the future, along with some advice and regrets.


Charlene Tolentino 

Among the Class of 2021, Charlene Tolentino has worked hard and made sure to make the best of her high school experience. Charlene believes that all the challenges she has faced this past year will only help her grow as a person and become more independent. Charlene is involved in various activities, including Link Crew, Math and Science Club, and is a tutor at Gahr's Math and Writing Centers, which she believes has helped piqued new interests, taught her time management skills, and has allowed her to meet new people. When asked about future plans, Charlene still hasn't decided specifically on any college but knows she wants to major in psychology and is even showing interest in environmental biology. Charlene recalls most of her favorite memories in high school were all created after school with her friends, "Definitely hanging out with friends after school. It's fun grabbing boba, food, or seeing a movie with my friends". Some advice she wishes she would've heard as a freshman is to learn to take care of yourself because only when you are in your best condition is when you will do your best in everything. Charlene stays optimistic about the future and is ready to start a new chapter in her life. Let's wish her the best of luck!


Jordan Kidd

Jordan Kidd is a distinguished senior due to all the extracurricular activities he has participated in. For one, he is involved in Gahr's Marching Band, which he recalls as one of his favorite parts of high school, "My favorite memories from high school were competing in marching band competitions with my friends. It's amazing to be involved in something other than academics where you can make a difference and meet new people". On top of that, he's a member of the senior class cabinet, Link Crew, Black Student Union, and is a tutor at the Writing Center. Jordan has decided to go to Virginia Tech to pursue architecture and has even earned a merit scholarship for his academics worth $3,800! Jordan believes that he should have cherished the small moments throughout high school since the past four years flew by in an instant. He has no fears about the future because he knows that he will overcome anything that comes in his way, which connects to his favorite quote from the Disney movie Soul, "I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. But I do know I'm going to live every minute of it". We wish all the best to Jordan on the beginnings of his new chapter!


Candae Mitchell

Candace Mitchell is another exceptional senior that has had memorable experiences in various activities. Candace's favorite was being a part of the Color Guard at Gahr. Candace is currently one of the captains for color guard and has been in sensational field shows, her favorite being "The Joy of Painting," "I have been in color guard for almost 5 years now and the moment we get on that championship field at night time is like your stepping through a portal to a new universe. Nothing compares to that feeling of giving that last performance your all, because we have spent months and we want to show how hard we have been working on our show. ... You should watch the recording on youtube, just look up "Gahr Marching Gladiators 2019 field show" I promise it won't be a waste of time." She is also a part of Artesia's Royal Court, G.O.O.D.s Dance company, and is a new member of Gahr's Korean Club. Even though she has tried to keep her involvement in school to make the year a bit more bearable, she still feels like she missed out on senior activities to the point where the year feels like any other. Candace plans to go to Cypress College and then transfer to a four-year university, letting her save money and giving her time to decide what profession she wants to pursue. Candace's advice to younger students is not to let anyone limit your self-love, make sure to focus on yourself, and do not let the past affect your future, just as B.T.S., a Korean pop-group demonstrates, "The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come." Candance has made some incredible memories and has many to look forward to, wishing her happiness and success!

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