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Ten Interesting Facts You Probably Haven't Heard Of

  • March 17, 2021 

Your mind is about to be blownnnnnn

     1. Hot water freezes faster than cold water can.

       a. Somethin’ bout’ the Mpemba effect

     2. Coca-Cola was once green.

       a. Do what you will with that info

     3. People say “Bless You” when you sneeze because your heart stops for a very short time.

       a. Bless you, in case you sneeze today :)

     4. You can not fold a sheet of paper more than 7 times.

       a. You should waste some time and try it out

     5. Too much silence can drive you mad.

       a. Apparently, you can’t be in the quietest place on earth for more than 45 minutes.

     6. Bananas glow under UV light.

       a. There’s sum science behind it, I dunno.

     7. Martin Luther King Jr. once got a C in public speaking


     8. SWIMS is still SWIMS when you turn it upside down.

       a. dope.

     9. It takes around 31.7 years to count to a billion.

       a. Better start soon.

    10. A platypus doesn’t have a stomach

       a. The only platypus that matters is Perry the Platypus.

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