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Twinning is Winning with Jermaine and Jasmine Choice Senior Spotlight 

  • April 29, 2022


At one point in your life, you have probably thought, “hmmm, I wonder what it would be like to have a twin.” Well, that is not a question that senior athletes Jermaine and Jasmine Choice have ever asked. This athletic twin duo makes the phrase “twinning is winning” look like light work. From Jasmine’s talents on the basketball court and Jermaine’s talents on both the football and soccer field, these two siblings are not only great student athletes but also amazing friends. 


Growing up, the two were both involved in sports and to this day they still are. On most weekends you can find these twins out at Palms park for a few hours playing basketball. These siblings are also very dedicated to cheering each other on, they do everything in their power to make every game for one anothers. Their whole family comes too. Both their moms and their newest family member, their baby brother, Chayce. 



Jermaine has been involved in multiple sports, including soccer, cross country, track, and football. He says, "I started soccer when I was 5 and ever since I never stopped playing but I tried doing other sports like basketball and baseball at age 6 and that’s when I love doing sports." His main sport however is soccer. For soccer he plays forward and left middle and is the team captain. These two positions make great sense for him due to the crazy amount of speed this young athlete has. His jersey number is 9. He states, "The reason why I picked number 9 was because it runs in the family and the number means loving the sport that I love doing and according to number 9 wise and caring is what I am as a person and it runs throughout my entire life." Mr. Choice also plans on going to Cerritos Community College. There he will continue to play soccer and will


later on major in psychology. Jermaine wants to say "Never take any practice or game for granted. Sports are not a right, they are a privilege. One day, your favorite game could be taken away from you out of nowhere. Play every game like it's your last."


Jasmine has always enjoyed basketball and from sophomore to senior year she chose to play basketball at Gahr. You can spot her on the court wearing number 35 and playing her heart out with a big smile. She plays both shooting guard and power forward. She is very committed to her teammates too. This includes but is not limited to working out with the JV team before her own practice and also taking advantage of anytime with her teammates. Her favorite memories with the team are, "Every practice and every game with my team." She too will also be going to Cerritos Community College. Jasmine says, "I will not be playing basketball, I want to see how everything goes first. I am still undecided about my major,  but I want to become a Sign Language interpreter." Jasmine also wants to tell all future girls basketball student athletes that, "Keep striving


to do your best at your level of expectation! Do not let anyone push you very hard that you would most likely stress. Learning new things can also build your talent up! You got this!"


The Choice twins' support system is heavily based on their family and teammates. Jermaine specifically says, "My role models are my parents because they're always there for me and they always [are] pushing me to work harder."  Jasmine wants to say , "Thank you to my parents, teammates, true & loyal friends, and thank you to all of my teachers throughout the years!" Jermaine wants to thank "all my teammates from soccer, Coach Canales, Coach Brito, Coach Marshall, Coach Q, Coach Moe, my parents, Mr. Khoury, Ms. Ota, Ms. Mukul, Mr. Drago, [and] Mr. Kunkle"

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